Look at the people cooking. Look at the people eating. This is entertainment.

Hmm, I’d usually advocate a bit more structure in an article, but I arrived home from work to be made sit in front of a programme about people cooking competitively (eh?), so lots of pictures of people furiously, er, chopping veg, and then frying and plating things. This is followed by talking heads spouting forth on how well these people managed to, um, cook the food, and then by shots of people eating the food. When did this become the stuff of entertainment?

My God, there’s a big bald guy talking about ‘pushing yourself’, and threatening to boot someone out if they don’t push themselves enough. Huh? What happened to drama? What happened to thought provoking and engaging television? I know that we live in an era where people driving HGVs in snow, and lads working of trawlers attract a tv following, but really?


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