Irish Electronic Music, Donnacha Costello

For some reason I’m going back over music from ages ago. I think it’s a hangover from our end-of-year lists of 2010 where I think the feeling was that it wasn’t a “golden” year…

Here’s a couple of tracks from Donnacha Costello’s album, Together is the new alone, from 2001. I’m pretty sure he founded Minimise Records who’s website now simply displays the message “Thanks for the memories!”. Costello released the Colorseries 12″s during the 2000s and I’ve included “Orange a” below also. Costello is still recording although I have to admit I am not up to speed with his recent work. Perhaps someone could shed some light… Anyway, 2 very different tracks below…

That Empty Feeling, Together is the new alone

Orange a, Colorseries

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  1. It is odd to be a electronic artist trying to make a career in Dublin. We’ve a pretty strong singer song writer/ Indie scene over here, but electronic music barely exists!

    Not sure that’s my scene, but nice enough stuff i guess…

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