Music for Babies #7

The music for babies series has taken a break of late, mostly as we’d run out of ideas!

Merill Garbus uses the name of Tune Yards for her musical adventures. She released her first album ‘Bird-Brains’ in 2009, which was completely self produced and recorded, and gives a good idea of what you can achieve with share ware mixing products and a little ingenuity!

Tune Yards is playing in Whelans on the 17th of June in Whelans, in support of her soon to be released album, in what I’m sure will be another fantastic night. I’ve included a couple of live performances of her below, but she is pretty amazing. Tickets are 16 euro and available without service charge here.

And here’s the video for the latest video of Bizness, which is filled with little people! Really brings you back to the classroom. Have to say I’ve a certain sense of dread when I think back to those days. Nothing several years of therapy couldn’t cure!

And a couple of liver performance, to see how she makes these amazing sounds.

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  1. A welcome revival for this series. I love Tune-Yards, inventive and original, and agree, she’s absolutely brilliant for kids. Kimya Dawson still wins with our little lady though, A is for apple, B is for butt…

  2. Yaay! Great to see this back, I totally reblogged it already too. I think in future no more cute toys for birthdays, it’s gotta be mix tapes for the kids from now on.

    • Yeah, will try and keep going. there must be a few more, should make it to 10 anyway!

      Mix tapes for babies is a great idea. I’m sure they’d appreciate the time and effort that went into it.

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