In Motion – Hollow Blow

I just had a nostalgic moment and so I did a quick search for In Motion (took me several minutes to remember the band name!). Their album, The Language of Everyday Life,  which was originally released in 1994 has since been made available in digital format by Indiecator records.

The video below is taken from the tv so the sound quality is not great, but I still love this song and the video that cost £24.99! Certainly brings back memories. And to see a young Donal Dineen hosting what was then an essential music program is also a nice trip down memory lane.

Categories: Music, TV

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  1. God, i remember that song dead well actually! Its all coming back to me, just about remembered the name of the band, but guess i knew it at the time.

    It’s pretty heavily influenced by Ride, which can only be a good thing in my book.

    Donal just looks so young in that! I never get to hear him anymore. Do you stay up late with baby listening?

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