The Escapist

The Amazing adventures of Klavier and Clay is a novel by Michael Chabon, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2001. It tells the story of the two men that invented the greatest comic hero of this alternate world. The hero is called the Escapist, who can perform amazing feats of escapology, as long as he is wearing the golden key that his Uncle gave him on his death bed.  

The book itself is a good read, and wanders through a world of the golden age of comics. The thing I like about it, is that this pretend comic became real! In 2004, Brian K Vaughan (Y the last man, Lost) wrote the comic itself. There’s also a number of other off shoots, and short stories based on the character. Something else I must check out then.

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  1. Chabon is a guy whom I really like, and is well worth following through McSweeney’s, to which he’s a regular contributor. In this quarter’s issue he presents an annoted extract from what he intended to be his first novel (it was never published), where he uses footnotes to explain why he wrote what he wrote, and why it was really a bit rubbish. An interesting and funny insight.

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