Bands announced for ATP

A few more bands have been announced for the ATP nightmare before Christmas with Battles, Caribou and Les Savy Fav (9th -11th Dec). All seem standard ATP choices, and No Age seem to play at every second one! It could be a very good weekend.

Nightmare Before Christmas curated by Battles/Caribou/Les Savy Fav – Line Up

Friday 9th December – Curated by Les Savy Fav

* Les Savy Fav

* Archers Of Loaf

* No Age

* Marnie Stern

Saturday 10th December – Curated by Battles

* Battles

* Flying Lotus

* The Psychic Paramount

* Walls (live)

Sunday 11th December – Curated by Caribou

* Caribou

* The Ex with Getachew Mekuria

* Junior Boys

* Omar Souleyman

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  1. I like the looks of this, barring Marnie Stern, whom I £@*%^(* hate. She ‘played’ before Animal Collective the first time I saw them, and was almost indescribably awful – 40 minutes of tap-ons, and really little else. I read reviews of her album as being a life changing experience, which I’m sure it is, I suspect it’s the album that would make you vaguely wish that you were deaf.

    • Barry used to play guitar like that for hours when we were teenagers. He used to go into a trance and used do the ‘didly didly’ guitar stuff, and i’d stare and the floor and wait till he finished!

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