Movie Reviews – 19-03-11

An actual movie review this time, as in a movie i’ve seen myself! Submarine is comedy set in wales, directed by Richard Ayodale (the guy with the big hair in the I.T. crowd!). It’s a love story about a 15 year old boys first romance, which is two parts Wes Anderson to one part Adrian Mole. At times it is very creative and funny but at others wanders without direction. The two main actors are obviously teenagers, but carry it off surprisingly well. A well meaning off beat comedy which is worth heading along to.

The other movies released this week, i haven’t seen! ‘You will meet a tall dark stranger’ is Woody Allen’s latest effort, as he continues to besmirch his earlier career by releasing poor to average movies, this one gets poor to average reviews off most of the papers.

The Lincoln Lawyer is ‘the best performance of Matthew McConaughey’s career’ says the Guardian, not hard says I. Still, it’s getting good reviews in most places, so one to watch out for.

Benda Bilili is a documentary about a group street musicians from Africa, which will warm even the coldest of hearts (I guess it depends on the heart) and won the audience award at the latest Dublin film festival!

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