Coverting Roughan to…

Yes, a new series, I can see it coming… or maybe not, I think this could be a one-off. Anyway, the bold Mister Sheedy says he doesn’t like ‘Bright Eyes’, and possibly this is a situation that will not change! He is certainly a little over rated, and his connections with Hollywood have certainly made him a lot better known that he deserves, but I do like his music and the lyrics have enough in them to warrant a second look. These songs are both taken from his album ‘I’m wide awake, it’s morning’ which is possible his best one.

Everything about him cries Hollywood really, and the video for ‘At the bottom of everything’ stars Terrance Stamp.

‘We’re going to a party, it’s a birthday party, it’s your birthday party’

The video for ‘This is the first day of my life’ is by John Cameron Mitchell, who is known for his movies ‘Hedwig and the angry inch’ and Shortbus. A very simple video for a simple song, in truth.

‘I’d rather be working for a pay cheque, than trying to win the lottery’

Well, what do you think?

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    • yes, but Roughan’s pretty steadfast in his views, i wouldn’t expect many conversions! still, you never know, and i like the two songs listed above.

      There was a site where a guy played music to his dad called what nick thinks where a guy played music to his dad! It lasted a while and then got dull. We could do ‘what Roughan thinks’!

  1. Haha, I like it, and would find it funny to pass cmment, a bit like “Bad Dad” on Adam and Joe years ago.

    I liked ‘At the Bottom of Everything”, and the intro adds a lot to it. It’s nothing particularly special though, and in truth song could have been by Josh Ritter or someone (nothing against him, lovely first album). The videos are cute though, and would broaden his appeal I’m sure.

    I think I just don’t go for his voice as much as I think you’re supposed to, though I do like the instrumentation. On balance I may give one more album a go, but I don’t feel likely to be totally bowled over.

    I appreciate the effort though.

    • another fine job by captain nomoreworkhorse then! I take what you’re saying about his voice, its nothing special and really could be any pub singer, but he’s got a nice line in quirky lyrics, and can play and arrange his instruments well.

      I also like Josh Ritter!

      We’re 1 for 1 on the conversions Rebeccca, I’m going to try Celine Dion next!

  2. You may have your work cut out there!

    I like Josh Ritter too, but I guess my point was that Oberst seems to get a far more favourable reception than the music really merits. His lyrics are quirky and smart, and the videos are both nice (ahhh, Terence Stamp). I’l try an album and come back to you.

    That whole Sigur Ros/Jonsi connection would be a fair challenge for you…

    • presume that’s Roughan above, confusing folk as ever! yeah, celine is unlikely i know.

      It is true that he’s more popular than he deserves to be, but can you blame him for having a good marketing team? or hanging out with famous people? I presume that’s largely why he’s well know. He is nothing special, but if he was a pretty unknown folk singer, i reckon i’d have one or two of his albums and think he’s alright. He’s not really that famous for it to count against him, is he? He’s not some idiot like Noel Gallagher that says stupid things the whole time just so the press like him?

      I’m never sure where i sit on the ‘they’re more famous than they deserve to be’ line. It is annoying when someone like Muse are constantly on the radio, as they’re just rubbish, but I still like radiohead, regardless of how popular they are. I don’t love them, or think they’re amazing, i like them as much as their music deserves to be. Its a difficult approach, and when someone is a media slut, constantly banging on about nonsense, its hard for it not to work against them. I don’t think Conor really falls into that, or possibly he’s not as good at it as other folks are. I think he’s grand, generally 3 star albums with the odd 4 star!

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