Zig and Zag return!

I only realised this due to the impossibly bad advertisement campaign that 2 fm have on tv and around town at the moment. Zig and Zag are on some of the posters, and have a new show on saturday mornings between 10 and 12. I can’t remember the last time I had a reason to listen to 2 fm, maybe it was before Dave Fanning lost his mind, and that’s a long time back! Its the usual brand of nonsense, but you’d expect no less from them. The one I’m listening to the moment, Zig ate Zag’s Kanye West cd! What can you expect. You can listen to the first five episodes here.

Categories: Music, TV

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    • yeah, its nice to have them back alright. I think their podge and rodge thing went belly up a while back, so they were bound to come back with something. I’ve always had a soft spot for zig and zag, its really good kids humor, and lots of fun. Reminds me of the good ol’ days. argh…

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