Things to look forward to…

Ok, possibly enough looking back. Well, I’m tempted to do a top theatre of 2010, but would anyone really care? We’ll see how bored I get over the christmas period. So, on to some looking forward, with the album releases over the next few months. Actually, it’s funny (but not really when you think about it) how closely this list matches the gigs over the next while.

January sees … Cake, the Go! Team, Iron and Wine and the Decemberists. (I don’t know how Iron and Wine featured in Roughan’s top 10 for 2010!).

Feb sees… PJ Harvey, Gruff Rhys, Mogwai, Bright Eyes, Drive-by Truckers and the Low Anthem.

March sees… A Hawk and a hacksaw, J. Mascis and the mountain goats.

I’ll feature some hawk is a hacksaw, as I don’t think I have before. They have a ‘Beirut’ buzz going on and some of their members played on Beirut’s first album ‘Gulag Orkestar’. They have lots of brass and other interesting instruments. They play live here in a while also, which should be worth seeing!

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  1. Er, I’ve had the Iron and Wine album for a week or so at this stage, that’s why! Do you like Bright Eyes? I’ve tried, but sort of can’t stand them (that seems a it extreme). A Hawk and a Hacksaw are fun, have seen them before.

    Still no sign of a second summer ATP, I’m beginning to think that Animal Collective are it…

    • Should I ask where you got the Iron and Wine thing? It says on Amazon that its not out yet.

      That’s Ro above. I quite like Bright Eyes, I’ll have to admit, have a few of their releases, and do like them. You’re probably being a bit harsh with that one, can’t see any reason to hate them. They’re easily as good as many bands you do like! He’s a bit of a celeb, which is annoying i guess, hanging with winona ryder and that sort of thing. He possibly gets more praise than he deserves is my point, but I still have to say, I like ‘im!

      A Hawk and a hacksaw are an interesting bunch alright. I keep waiting for them to do something really good, but it hasn’t happened yet!
      ATP is a worry. You might be right that that’s the only one. It sounds a grand line up, which I’d probably even go to, but would like another option!

  2. Ah, well Amazon isn’t the only way to get your hands on something now, is it?

    I know I’m supposedly missing something with Bright Eyes, but the couple of albums that I’ve bought have sort of left me feeling disappointed. Is there an album that you’d particularly recommend? Happy to give him another whirl.

    A Hawk ad a Hacksaw have more potential than they’ve delivered on, certainly, but still worth a look like, good musicians. I suspect if they found the right producer, things would change for them.

    A curious turn from ATP, not sure why they’d drop the second weekend, and I’d be sad if that was a policy decision. I wonder if they’ll confirm?

    • there are other sources than amazon, alright, i’m just wondering what other sources!

      i’ll do a pointless blog on , to convert you to bright eyes, how’s that? You can tell me what you think at the end! he’s not a world beater, but i like ‘im.

      I think hawk and a hacksaw need other instruments, they’re now a duo with accordian and violin, and i think you need a bit more than that. they should possibly join another good band and make one great band between them!

      I feel like we’re playing poker with ATP. keep expecting them to announce something, but not sure its happening. might send them a mail, as i’d have a closer look at animal collective, if there wasn’t another one!

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