Hello Mary – Hello Mary – Album Review

Hello Mary – Hello Mary – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Hello Mary are three ‘kool things’ from New York, this isn’t their debut album but a follow-up to 2020’s punky Ginger.  The three of them kick up a joyful racket opening with the pounding, sub-three minute Stinge. There’s a hint of Nirvana on Looking Right Into The Sun and also on Rabbit, the latter despite its title kicks up a mighty racket with thrilling guitar riffs.

Droopy Eyes slows the pace a bit, as the girls coo agreeably over brawny, gauzy guitars, while Evicted is one of the heavier tracks with an ass-kicking riff.  There’s no real let up on the album, later Spiral and Special Treat will rock your socks off.  Some lyrics hint at darker concerns, such as Burn It Out (“I’ll hide all the marks that you scratched on my arm”).  There’s nothing very revolutionary here but for people who like sweet singing over fuzzy guitars, this will make them very happy.  And it’s a hell of a way to spend half an hour.

Special Treat

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