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Aoife Nessa Frances – Protector – Album Review

Aoife Nessa Frances – Protector – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Two and a half years ago Aoife Nessa Frances made a considerable impression with the Land of No Junction album.  She has taken her time with the follow-up, which is a sort of covid-era, ‘get it together in the country’ album.  Listening to the album, it’s quite homogenous, a blissful dreaminess permeates the eight tracks here, nearly all of which are propelled by programmed beats.  Her velvety voice introduces the Way To Say Goodbye, which drifts along nicely for five minutes or so.  The languid This Still Life follows, along with Emptiness Follows and the bossa-nova style Only Child adds a harp into the mix.  It’s all very gentle, if a little sleepy.

Later, Back to Earth’s acoustic strums hark back to the debut.  This might actually be the strongest track, there’s no programmed beat, instead, there are actual drums and swirling keyboards.  Soft Lines drifts imperiously, slowly unfurling, while Day Out of Time is moodier, and has a fuller arrangement than anything that went before, featuring gentle horns and soaring strings.

It would be unfair to say she is treading water, but this album doesn’t have the impact of the debut. It’s pleasant but ultimately, not as affecting.

Way To Say Goodbye

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