Culture @ Body & Soul 2022

Culture @ Body & Soul 2022

Often at festivals, the thing that really lasts with you are the unusual, off-beat talks and performances that are more than your typical 45-minute music set! Who could forget Eddie Lenihan and his tales of the fairy folk from 2019! To that end, we’ve decided to have a look through the Culture section at Body & Soul 2022, and what delights they have in store for us!

Peter Broderick “At B&S 2022, he will lead a guided foraging walk, create a 2-hour ambient soundscape and perform a set of songs with his band.”

First and foremost, it’s Peter and his tales of Foraging! Who knows, you might find something tastier than at the food trucks! There also promises to be a musical set at the end of it all. Dinner and a show?

Check out ‘Wild Food’ – song 11 below

“Just as long as you get Wild Food
I want me some of that Wild Food
It’s my favorite, Wild Food
Come on, dudе!”

THE HENNESSY HIP-HOP HOUSE – “Immerse yourself in a full weekend of cultural expression and creative cocktails, ranging from panel discussions with Ireland’s brightest minds to jaw-dropping live performances, dance floor-driven DJ sets and a mesmerizing array of adventurous surprises. The Hennessy Hip-Hop House has been carefully curated by our friends at District. “

The Hennessy Hip-Hop House promises to be one of the more unusual stages, with an emphasis on the Irish Hip-hop scene! You can hear what the performers have to say for themselves and expect some impromptu performances!

“Mango x Mathman – Malaki – Aby Coulibaly – Monjola – JYellowL – Nealo – Louise Chen – Strange Boy – Shiv – EMA b2b Jio – Alicia Raye – Handsome Paddy B2B Bobofunk – Khakikid – Abbacaxi – Celaviedemai – Ahmed, With Love. – Salamay – Negro Impacto – Bella Festa – Caleb Kunle – Fynch – UNQ – Tomike – Sweetlemondae”

Alltar“Step into the circle, Alltar is a sacred space where art, music and the beauty of the Irish language weave together in harmony. Spiriting audiences away to the ‘Otherworld’, the realm of the deities of Ireland, Alltar draws on ancient rites and practices, fusing them with modern conduits of expression to create moments in time; moments of creation and thought.”

Your guess is as good as mine? I’ve little or no idea what this is, and isn’t that a good thing? Check it out and see some ‘moments of creation and thought’!

Pagan Rave – “Pagan Rave will be harnassing the energy of the solstice with a late night fire ceremony. This creative reimagining of ancient and traditional Irish practices is about crafting old rituals for a modern age. Poised on the threshold of time, we acknowledge the changing season, and mark the rhythms of the earth.”

After the last couple of years, I think we could all agree that we need a good Pagan Rave! This could be just as mad as it sounds…

Shane Daniel Byrne is a writer, actor, MC and award-winning stand-up comedian. He sold out his first solo show “Shane Daniel Byrne LIVE” in Dublin’s Liberty Hall Theatre.”

Someone from the world of theatre that’s making good in the world of stand-up.

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