Our Little World – Preview

Our Little World – Preview

This is a new Children’s theatre production by Exit Pursued by a Bear, which features some of Ireland’s finest exponents of immersive Theatre. Anu’s Louise Lowe directs the production, and it is written by Owen Roe along with Michele Forbes. The cast will also have some familiar faces from Anu productions with Michael Glenn Murphy and Robbie O’Connor featuring.

Check out the full details below. Tickets are available here.


Exit Pursued by a Bear Productions presents ‘Our Little World, an immersive theatre adventure for children (ages 7+) in Mud Island Community Garden, a magical wonderland in Dublin’s North Strand. Family and school performances from May 6th to May 20th 2022. Tickets on sale now via Ticketsolve – Take Your Seats.

‘Our Little World’ by Owen Roe and Michelle Forbes, directed by Ireland’s leading maker of Immersive Theatre, ANU’s Louise Lowe. Starring Hazel Clifford, Gillian McCarthy, Michael Glenn Murphy and Robbie O’Connor.


Are you aware of the best kept secret in Dublin’s North East Inner City?  You’re not? Where have you been?

Near the centre of Dublin city under an arch and down a lane is the most fabulous wonderland – Mud Island Community Garden. Rumour has it there have been some recent new neighbours…some strange new sounds… some quirky construction… and lots and lots of birds. It’s out of this world.

Why don’t you come and see for yourself? Come and see ‘Our Little World’ by Exit Pursued by a Bear Productions, an immersive theatre adventure for age 7+.

Meet Ziggy, Florian and MakeMake as they introduce you to a magical place hidden in plain sight. The trouble is they are not supposed to be here, they are supposed to be – well it’s a long story – why don’t we let them tell you.

Its 2022 and it’s time to gather again and have adventures. We have all taken time to be safe, we spent time apart and we need to embrace adventure again take some risks. It is time for some fun!


Booking Information:

Performances from May 6th to May 20th
Schools perfs May 10th 11th, 12th 13th and 17th, 18th, 19th 20th with two shows per day 10.30am & 12.00pm – ticket prices €5.00 and teacher tickets free
Family perfs May 7th, 8th 14th and 15th with two shows per day 10.30am and 12.00pm – ticket prices €10.00

Creative Team:
Writers – Owen Roe and Michele Forbes
Director – Louise Lowe
Creative Producers – Maria Fleming and Laura MacNaughton
Assistant Director – Samantha Cade
Stage Manager – Leanna Cuttle
ASM – Ali Keohane
Associate Producer – Daniel Culleton
Sound Designer – Carl Kennedy
Set Designer – Ciaran Bagnall
Production Manager – Marie Tierney
Schools Workshops – Ciaran Gray
Graphic Designer – Paul Dowling
Garden Liaison – Paul Redmond

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