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Steve Gunn – Nakama EP – Review

Steve Gunn – Nakama EP – Review
by Killian Laher

This is a surprise release from Steve Gunn consisting of reworkings of songs from last year’s Other You album.  Mdou Moctar are first up with a reasonably tame rework of Protection.  It’s not too dissimilar from the album version, minus the strings and keyboards but with added handclaps, it loses some of the warmth of the original.  Natural Information Society rework Good Wind and it’s transformed into a different piece of music, with hypnotic keyboards and light percussion.  Where the EP really takes flight is on the third track, On The Way.  National Information Society remove the track’s sunshine ‘vibe’, running the opening guitar motif right through the song, transforming it into a much moodier beast.

Circuit des Yeux strip Ever Feel That Way back and expose its engine, with swirling synths, woodwind and twinkling piano.  Finally, Bing & Ruth take Reflection and turn it into a swirling, smoky classic.  Overall the atmosphere is moodier and vaguer than the parent album.  Not an essential EP from Steve Gunn, but anyone who enjoyed last year’s Other You album will surely want to investigate this.

Good Wind

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