New Music – Niamh Regan – Hemet

New Music – Niamh Regan – Hemet

Niamh Regan’s album Hemet was released on September 4th with barely a ripple. Since that time, it has gone on to receive a number of rave reviews and feature on our national radio station! This is the first album by the Galway singer-songwriter and it deserves our attention. Settle back and hear her unique vocal stylings below.

Chatting about her debut, Niamh says: “I recorded this album after one of the most challenging years I’ve faced so far. I lost my mam, got married, went back to school and I grew up a bit (I think). My world got bigger and smaller all in one breath, and this album Hemet is all about that.”

Explaining the album title, Niamh adds: “My husband is originally from a small desert town called Hemet, in California. And my two favourite songs on the album are ‘Hallelujah Game’ and ‘Two Seagulls’ which he co-wrote with me. It’s not so much a big soppy concept behind this album title but rather just a tip of the cap to a place that has given me community, support and inspiration for these songs. It feels fitting and I think it’s a nice word to say…. so Hemet. Maybe the next album will be called Kilrickle…”

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