Best Before Death – Film Review

Best Before Death – Film Review
Review by Frank L

Directed by Paul Duane
Stars: Tam Dean Burn, Bill Drummond, Avijit Halder

Bill Drummond is in his sixties. In an earlier life, he was a member of the KLF, a band with a number of hits including ‘Justified & Ancient’. So stretching the boundaries is the essence of the man. He is now an artist and is in the process of creating “The 25 Paintings World Tour”. It is a project which is taking from 2014 to 2025. In various locations he will carry out relatively simple tasks, such as in Lexington making a number of cakes. He draws a circle on a map and marks on the perimeter a dwelling. He then goes to the dwelling and presents one of the cakes. He is photographed by artist Tracey Moberly in the task. He informs the recipient that they are part of “The Lexington Cake Circle”. There is bemusement. He chooses not to give the recipient an explanation. There are similar activities in different parts of the world with shoe shining and making soup and so on where admittedly a greater interaction occurs.

Drummond who features prominently throughout barely engages with the people with whom he comes in contact. They are a type of prop. Similarly he does not seek to engage the audience in this documentary, he remains aloof thoughout. In fact he generates a sense of self-satisfaction. It is therefore difficult to become engaged by his activities. The film lasts an hour and a half and for this reviewer there are better ways to spend the time.


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