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Loscil – Equivalents – Album Review

Loscil – Equivalents – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Canadian artist Scott Morgan has been releasing exquisite ambient music under the name Loscil for about twenty years.  His latest, entitled Equivalents, is a highly immersive listen, right from the word go.  The tracks are numbered randomly, so track 2 is Equivalent 3, track 3 is  Equivalent 6 etc.  Within sixty seconds of Equivalent 1 you are pulled into this album, one which doesn’t let go for its 52 minute running time.  It’s mainly washes of keyboards, with some choral voices, hints of static and other electronic sounds.  Equivalent 5 conjures up a more wintry feel than what has gone before.  At times (Equivalent 2) you could be in a flotation tank, but on the other hand the circling, downbeat keyboards of Equivalent 7 give it an emotional heft rarely found with this kind of music.

Isolating tracks on an album like this doesn’t really serve a purpose, better to listen to the whole thing in one sitting.  Some say music like this is ideal background music, I say turn it up loud so it occupies a space in a room and grabs a hold of you.  This music deserves it.

Track List –

1. Equivalent 1
2. Equivalent 3
3. Equivalent 6
4. Equivalent 5
5. Equivalent 2
6. Equivalent 8
7. Equivalent 7
8. Equivalent 4

Equivalent 1

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