The Sun is also a Star – Film Review

The Sun is also a Star – Film Review
by Frank L.

Director: Ry Russo-Young
Writers: Tracy Oliver (screenplay), Nicola Yoon (novel)
Stars: Yara Shahidi, Anais Lee, Charles Melton

Let’s start with the positives, Yara Shahidi (who plays Natasha Kingsley) and Charles Melton (who plays Daniel Jae Ho Bae) are two good looking and photogenic young actors with great winning smiles. They come from different ethnic backgrounds but as the action takes place in the great city of New York their ethnic diversity seems at home in that great melting pot. Visually, they make a great couple. The other enchanting part of the film are the wonderful shots of New York including many vistas that rarely, if ever, make it into the movies.

The story is the familiar one of girl meets boy. This pair from the first moment they make contact (in unlikely circumstances) are unable to look anywhere else other than deep into each other’s eyes. The story line is peppered with unlikely coincidences which take place in rapid succession in a short period of time. There is then a gap of five years but true to type yet another unlikely coincidence takes place. In that regard the story line is consistent which some might consider a positive. However, it is hard to imagine watching this film that New York is a city of over eight million people. Given the story that is told, it could be a village and a small one at that but the glorious shots of New York remind you that it is in fact a great metropolis.

The ethnic diversity of the two leads and the variety of life that is encapsulated within the five boroughs of New York City ought to have made something a bit more demanding than watching a young couple being star struck by each other. They are undoubtedly handsome but that is hardly enough.


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