Album of the Week

Album of the Week – 9-08-19 – Fionn Regan – Cala

Album of the Week – 9-08-19

So, what are the new releases this week that are worth checking out? Well, there’s WHY? with AOKOHIO (which is getting some nasty reviews) and really that’s about it. Fionn won this one by a country mile!

UpdateBon Iver‘s new album i, i was a surprise release today! Definitely worth checking out but still Fionn wins out.

Fionn Regan – Cala – Album of the Week

“The sound of ‘Cala’ – also performed entirely by Regan – is similarly drawn from intuition, rooted in acoustic guitar and sometimes piano, and those atmospherics – “a kickdrum here, a footstamp there, some slight modern twists influenced by the time period we’re in. I’ve not overthought it much. I hope the songs can shine in that way. The song comes first, then the sonic palate, then the words give a sense of place, or landscape.”

If there is a real place where these exquisitely haunting songs reside, it’s somewhere close to heaven: “The sand dunes and the stars, the moon is a tambourine / The perfume of her skin, cheekbones are diamonds set” (‘Riverside Heights’), “She wears a veil of stars / lightning is bottled in the city lights / they blur howling to the glaciers” (‘Glaciers’). The title track enigmatically details, “twenty miles of amber.” ‘Cala‘’s last words come from ‘Under The Waves / Tokyo’, a simple and piercing couplet that underlines the record’s entwined elemental / romantic helix: “When you’re here tomorrow night / I’ll sing to you with my jaw of light.””

August 9th:

— Acres – Lonely World

— Ardours – Last Place on Earth

— Beth Bombara – Evergreen

— Broken Hands – Split In Two

— Che Apalache – Rearrange My Heart

— Crawler – Womb

— DARSOMBRA – Transmission

— Dirty Heads – Super Moon

— East Forest & Ram Dass – East Forest & Ram Dass

— Electric Youth – Memory Emotion

— Feeder – Tallulah

— Fionn Regan – Cala

— G&D (Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins aka Declaime) – Black Love & War

— Georgie – Georgie: Live!

— Gold Child – Gold Child

— Graham Reynolds – Where’d You Go, Bernadette—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

— half•alive – Now, Not Yet

— The Hip Abduction – To the Ends of the Earth

— Horseburner – The Thief

— HXLT – Bloom From Doom

— Imagine Dragons – Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Imagine Dragons

— Infinity Crush – Virtual Heaven

— Jon Crompton – Intuit

— Kevin George – My Darling’s A Demon

— Lord of the Lost – Till Death Do Us Part

— Loudness War – Mystifier Deluxe

— Marc Cohn and Blind Boys of Alabama – Work to Do

— Marika Hackman – Any Human Friend

— Maybe April – The Other Side

— The Nick Moss Band Featuring Dennis Gruenling – Lucky Guy!

— Pathology – Reborn to Kill

— Paul Jacks – In Other Words

— Pete Yorn – Caretakers

— Phobia – Generation Coward

— PJ Morton – PAUL

— Purple Pilgrims – Perfumed Earth

— Quicksilver Daydream – Fly Oblivion

— Ra Ra Riot – Superbloom

— The Regrettes – How Do You Love?

— Reptile Room – Jade

— Rick Ross – Port of Miami 2

— Rocky Kramer – Firestorm

— Roxy Blue – Roxy Blue

— Rucci – Tako’s Son

— Sail By Summer – Casual Heaven

— Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles

— SATICA – dear april, ily EP

— Seeker Lover Keeper – Wild Seeds

— Slark Moan – Superstition For the Consumer Romantic

— Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

— Smooth Hound Smith – Dog in a Manger

— Sparrows – Failed Gods

— Spread Eagle – Subway to the Stars

— Strung Out – Songs of Armor and Devotion

— Suicidal Angels – Years of Aggression

— Tau Cross – Messengers of Deception

— TC&I (XTC’s Colin Moulding & Terry Chambers) – Naked Flames: Live at Swindon Arts Centre

— Tori Kelly – Inspired By True Events

— Trench Warfare – Hatred Prayer

— Ugly God – Bumps and Bruises

— Unprocessed – Artificial Void

— Various Artists – Sherman’s Showcase (Original Soundtrack)


— Wilder Woods – Wilder Woods

— Woody Jackson – Red Dead Redemption 2, The Music Of Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Score

— YUNGMORPHEUS and Fumitake Tamura – Mazal

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