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Mogwai – Kin OST – Album Review

Mogwai – Kin OST – Album Review by Killian Laher

Mogwai have evolved into both one of the most consistent and prolific bands currently making music.  This is a soundtrack to a science fiction film, Kin.  Their soundtrack work has seen them move into space that could be described as graceful, a far cry from the crashing and banging of old.

If you enjoyed their eerie soundtrack to Les Revenants, you’ll find much to enjoy in the foreboding, evocative keyboards that introduce Eli’s Theme, Miscreants and the stately Funeral Pyre.  Scrap sounds almost like a throwback to Brian Eno’s work with David Bowie in the late seventies, while Flee is slow-building electro, and could have featured on any of their more recent albums.

The album is as strong as anything else Mogwai have released, Donuts and the title track feature the quintessential slow build and release that the band does so well.  A spooky keyboard whine introduces Guns Down, the most brooding, atmospheric track here, which on a Mogwai album is saying something.  The album ends with We’re Not Done.  Entirely different to what has gone before, it’s a noise-pop track featuring vocals, the kind of thing this band brings out every so often.

Mogwai haven’t really pushed themselves in any new direction here, they’ve simply crafted a soundtrack album of great Mogwai music.  Anyone with any interest in the band won’t be disappointed.

Track List –
1. Eli’s Theme
2. Scrap
3. Flee
4. Funeral Pyre
5. Donuts
6. Miscreants
7. Guns Down
8. KIN
9. We’re Not Done (End Title)


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