Luis and the Aliens – Film Review

Luis and the Aliens – Film Review

Directors: Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein
Writers: Wolfgang Lauenstein (screenplay), Christoph Lauenstein (screenplay)
Stars: Callum Maloney, Dermot Magennis, Ian Coppinger

Luis is your average teenager trying to get by. His Mom died some time ago and he lives with his father in their ramshackle house. His father is an eccentric individual who became obsessed with aliens as he saw one when he was seven years old. Ever since then he has dedicated his life to finding proof of their existence. The pursuit has proved fruitless for many years, until one day they receive some unusual visitors!

This is a new animated feature based around a young boy and his interactions with three quirky aliens that crash land on earth. The aliens are hapless and good humoured individuals, who are obsessed by a human infomercial! They can also take on the appearance of an individual by eating a piece of their hair. Think of this as a happy version of ‘invasion of the body snatchers’ or ‘The Thing’ without the gore and dead bodies! This ability gets the group out of a variety of scrapes as they are chased by a number of nefarious individuals.

The vocal talents are quite bereft of star power, so if you think you recognise some of the voices, you probably don’t! Having said that, the actors used do a good job and it’s debatable how much ‘name’ actors actually add to these films. The animation is relatively standard but there is some invention shown in the writing which is quite different from the norm. There is a good yarn here that would keep younger viewers occupied. The down side is that the gags are quite straight forward! I guess we’re used to a very high standards from Pixar and co. It’s perfectly watchable, but just misses that extra element!




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