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Interpol – Marauder – Album Review

Interpol – Marauder – Album Review by Killian Laher

Interpol’s sixth (sixth!) album is their first in four years.  This time around they appear to have modified the formula with Paul Banks singing at the upper end of his register, showing real passion on If You Really Love Nothing and The Rover.  Both tracks have considerably more zip and pace about them than much of their more recent material.  In addition, Complications features more grit and growl in its guitars than usual.  There are also two interludes (1 & 2) which are a little frustrating, hinting at unfulfilled progression but ending after 60 seconds.  Surveillance has a catchy, danceable guitar groove to it, and the unimaginatively titled Number 10 reaches for the arena rock moves of U2 with an indie twist.  But otherwise, business as usual.  Not for nothing is one of the songs called Party’s Over.  Closing track It Probably Matters is better than most here, sparser arrangement and Banks’ impassioned vocals carrying the song.

It’s perfectly serviceable guitar rock but little more.  Unfortunately, despite a few tweaks, their sound hasn’t evolved much beyond what their fans know and love.  Which is fine for the fans, but those with a more casual interest may not linger long here.

Track List –

1. If You Really Love Nothing
2. The Rover
3. Complications
4. Flight of Fancy
5. Stay in Touch
6. Interlude 1
7. Mountain Child
9. Surveillance
10. Number 10
11. Party’s Over
12. Interlude 2
13. It Probably Matters

The Rover

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