Pathways – Irish Routes to the Art of the Matter – Film Review

Pathways – Irish Routes to the Art of the Matter – Film Review by Killian Laher

Pathways: Irish Routes to the Art of the Matter was screened as part of the St. Patrick’s Festival  – 15th – 19th March 2018

Donal Dineen’s latest project sees him in the role of narrator in a film about the roots of ten talented Irish artists.  They include the likes of Annie Mac, Richie Egan (Jape), Enda Walsh, actress Fiona Shaw and photographer Rich Gilligan.  The film has interviews with each artist in their adopted homes of London, Malmo and New York.  Each provides insight into their craft, how they work and what inspires them.  Egan also provides the unobtrusive electronica that accompanies the film.

Dineen has a certain understated aesthetic to everything he has done, from No Disco in the early nineties, through Here Comes the Night on Today fm, and it’s no surprise that this film shares this tasteful feel.  His gentle interviewing style lends itself well to provoking expansive responses from the interviewees.  Among the pearls of wisdom include Shaw extolling the virtue of wasting time and photographer Brian Cross proclaiming “Do what you like doing and it will never feel like work”.

Strange that only one of the artists, film-maker Aoife McArdle still operates in Ireland.  Perhaps it’s that age old biblical phrase that a prophet is never accepted in their own land.  Yet Irishness, on some level, seems to inform their art.  The film is beautifully shot and acts as a great advertisement for Irish artists.  It’s available to watch online here.

Annie Mac, Broadcaster
Aoife McArdle, Film-maker
Brian Cross, Photographer & Film-maker
Brian Ormond, Sculptor
Enda Walsh, Playwright
Eva Rothschild, Visual Artist
Fiona Shaw, Actor
Richard Gilligan, Photographer
Richie Egan aka Jape, Musician
Sean Curran, Choreographer

A Donal Dineen Film
Directed by Steve O’Connor
Soundtrack by Richie Egan
A St. Patrick’s Festival Commission.


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