Best New Movies

Best Film of 2017

Surely the most deeply considered list of movies this year? Ignore the rest! Here are some gems that we loved or maybe just ones that caught us on the right day, you decide. We’d recommend them all. Feel free to get annoyed at Dunkirk only placing at number 15 or any other gripe in the comments section below…

20.Loving Vincent

19. The Other Side Of Hope

18. The Big Sick

17. John Wick: Chapter 2

16. Kedi

15. Dunkirk

14. Maudie

13. Lady Macbeth

12. Toni Erdmann

11. Personal Shopper

10. Get Out – I guess this was the surprise film of the year for most people? A quirky horror film that somehow found the mainstream, it explored the darkness that goes on behind closed doors.

9. The Florida Project Can I just say Tangerine is still much better? This is the tale of a young girl and her friends living in a motel in Florida. A simple and sad story of the poverty trap in America, the land of the free if you have the money to pay for it!

8. Blade Runner 2049 – My inner child would have had this at number one! This looked stunning, the story… not so much, but sometimes looking pretty is enough? I’m quietly gutted it flopped, but I guess the original did also. Does the world has no place for arty sci-fi?

7. Elle This has a very complex set of morals and it’s really hard to get your head around quite where it stands on rape/ violence towards women. It should come as no surprise that this confusing tale is made by one Paul Verhoeven.

6. Handmaiden The man behind Old Boy and Thirst, Chan-wook Park, returns with a twisting, turning tale of love and deception.

5. Suntan No one else seemed particularly bothered about this tale of a doctor in a seaside but we quietly loved it! The ending was a bit confused but the rest of it was near to perfect.

4. Neruda Another quiet classic that didn’t receive the recognition it deserved. This is the tale of the poet Pablo Neruda, who lived in Chile and died in 1973, but really it is so much more. Go check it out.

3. The Killing of a Sacred Deer – I was disappointed by the Lobster. I thought it was style over substance, a concept out of all control. This gem on the other hand got it just right. A really unusual tale that was slightly self indulgent but a whole lot of fun. Barry Keoghan made it all hold together.

2. Jackie Such a fascinating idea, to make a film about the JFK assassination and set it after he died. His wife Jackie took the limelight in this tale of what happened in the days after the murder, as she controlled the events leading up to the funeral.

1. Aquarius – The story sounds a bit like your typical tale of one woman versus an evil corporation. Really, it was so much more! It’s the story of a woman who is the last remaining resident of an apartment block which will soon be knocked down to make way for a high rise apartment block. This premise formed the back drop for the tale of a woman’s life in Brazil. A beautiful film!



















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