TV Picks of the Week – 20-11-17


Make a date or set your DVR for our top telly choices this week

Documentary – My Mother’s Lost Children

Monday 20 November, 10pm, BBC Four

From the Storyville documentary strand, this film tells the story of an eccentric Jewish family and two stolen children who reappear after 40 years. Australian Danny Ben-Moshe directs and the documentary visits four continents as it tries to find out the truth amongst deepest darkest family secrets.

Documentary – Awake: The Science of Sleep

Wednesday 22 November, 9.35pm, RTE One

Dr Pixie McKenna presents this investigation into the science behind sleep and the way that sleep impacts every aspect of our life – our health, our behaviour and even how long we’ll live. She takes a look at the devastating consequences of sleep deprivation and looks into conditions such as sleep apnoea.

Documentary – Don’t Blame Facebook

Thursday 23 November, 9pm, 3e

A fascinating look into social media mistakes that hit the headlines and had severe consequences for the people involved, including a joke tweet that resulted in a group of friends being arrested on terror charges at an American airport. Hacking into a celebrity’s Facebook page may have seemed like a lark but for one person, it meant a stint in jail.


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