An Other Playboy…??? at the Festival of African and Black Irish Theatre – Project Arts Centre

Arambe Productions Presents – An Other Playboy…???
Dates: 14 Nov – 19 Nov – Show Time: 7.45pm

Festival of African and Black Irish Theatre – Project Arts Centre

Christy (Shane Connolly) arrives into a public-house in Waterford and causes quite a stir. He is quick to tell those gathered there that he has killed his father with a hurley and gone on the run to hide from the law. For some unknown reason, the pub owner Mickey (Yomi Ogunyemi) decides to take this man under his wing. He gives him a job and a place to stay in the pub itself. Mickey lives with his daughter Peggy (Amy Clarke), who also works as a barmaid in the pub. Christy quickly becomes smitten by Peggy and she also seems quite taken by this mysterious stranger, but things do not go according to plan in this strange love story.

This is a new adaptation of the Playboy of the Western World, which was originally written by John Millington Synge and first performed in the Abbey in 1907. This adaptation is by Bisi Adigun, who is better known for his other adaptation of the Playboy, which was co-written by Roddy Doyle. That production recast Christy Mahon as a Nigerian man and explored the role of emigrants in Irish society. It was staged in the Abbey in 2007 on the 100th anniversary of the play. This production is a new version of the play ‘entirely divorced’ from the Abbey production. It was written for the Waterford Youth Arts society who asked Bisi to write a ‘fun, teenage-friendly’ adaptation of the play.  As such, this is a manic and frenzied version of the original, with frequent references to the Spice Girls and other pop bands.

This play is part of the Festival of African and Black Irish Theatre which takes place at the Project Arts Centre this week. The festival includes a Seminar today (Friday 17-11-17) and tomorrow along with a number of workshops on playwriting and storytelling. Full details can be found on the Project Arts Centre website here.


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