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Mark Lanegan – Still Life With Roses – Gargoyle Remixes – Album Review

Mark Lanegan – Still Life With Roses – Gargoyle Remixes – Album Review by Killian Laher

Over Mark Lanegan’s lengthy recording career, he has been very gradually introducing electronic instruments into his music.  Gargoyle, released earlier this year, featured subtle use of electronics accompanying Lanegan’s fine voice.  Which makes the emergence of this remix EP a little strange.  We get far less of Lanegan’s wonderful voice and plenty bleeps and beats.  Nocturne is transformed into a four to the floor banging dance tune (kind of) by Adrian Sherwood.  Practically the whole of Blue Blue Sea is ripped out and replaced by pulsing keyboards and female backing vocals.  The dark New Order feel of Old Swan is taken in an expansive, ambient techno direction with this Pye Corner Audio remix and works quite well.  The two (TWO!) Andrew Weatherall remixes of Beehive feel like overkill.  Strangely, both have a kind of retro (dated?) 90s dance theme.  Death’s Head Tattoo is rendered as a barely listenable noise piece with clanking percussion and whining static.

It’s certainly VERY different to the Gargoyle album.  A bridge too far for me and I suspect many listeners who may not listen to this more than a handful of times.  Perhaps it’s a contractual obligation?

Nocturne (Adrian Sherwood Remix)  



Track List –

1. Nocturne (Adrian Sherwood remix)
2. Blue Blue Sea (Not Waving Remix)
3. Old Swan (Pye Corner Audio remix)
4. Beehive (Andrew Weatherall remix)
5. Beehive (Andrew Weatherall dub)
6. Death’s Head Tattoo (BLOOD MUSIC Falling Percussion Dub)



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