SLSD – The Complex – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review

SLSD – The Complex – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review

Dates Sep 22 – 23 @ 20:00 & 22:00
Tickets €14/ €12 conc. – Duration 60 mins
Venue: The Complex
Photo: James Kane

This is another piece where you are unsure of what to expect over the course of the hour long performance. The audience waits downstairs with a sense of anticipation. The instruction given to us on the way into the upstairs space is quite unusual. We are told to stand in the centre of the space. All becomes clear as the performance begins…

This is a piece by Cork’s No Kissin’ Ensemble that aims to give the audience an impression of what it is like to be at a rave. And not just any rave, an underground space “where people find their voice, their sound and their home”. It is an illustration of a perfect night, where the people at the club think of nothing else other than the moment.

There are a number of small platforms around the outside of the space, where the actors appear. They perform short spoken word pieces, with the stories of the various characters intermingled. The tales are not complex, we hear about why they are here tonight or what they are looking for. It is a collection of young people who are there to dance and to have a good time, and nothing else really matters.

The text is delivered by the actors talking into microphones while the music continued to play. Unfortunately, this made it quite indistinct and difficult to follow what exactly they were saying and there were times I was quite lost. It is a high concept piece, but it is always a struggle for the audience to become part of a wild night. We are there as voyeurs and not as part of the moment.

This is quite a difficult concept to realise and credit has to go to the company for their attempt to capture something fleeting. The dance and rave scene is a unique world and those who are not part of it never get the chance to see what goes on at these clubs. The strongest segments were the moments of dance, where the music played loud and the actors moved amongst us, talking with members of the audience or just dancing!

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