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Jack Cooper – Sandgrown – Album Review

Jack Cooper – Sandgrown – Album Review by Killian Laher

Jack Cooper of Ultimate Painting and Mazes fame has decided to go it alone for this release.  In truth it’s not a lot different from Ultimate Painting, if anything this solo album is an even more languid, summery, sixties-inflected sound.  It opens with the drowsy, languid guitars of North of Anywhere, a sleepy, laid-back track takes its time about not going anywhere in particular.  The pace picks up a little for Gynn Square, which is musically on the money with guitars that are incredibly clean and clear.  Lyrically it’s less impressive, rhyming Monday morning with yawning, which is nice but a little lazy.  Elsewhere guitars jangle perfectly on tracks like Stranded Fleetwood Blues and A Net.


Loaded-era Velvet Underground is evoked nicely on ‘On a Pier In The Wind’ and the two part instrumental title track, but none of these tracks make a lasting impression.  It falls to downbeat closing track Memphis, Lancashire to deliver the most emotional and resonant track.  The album will certainly appeal to Ultimate Painting fans but as it’s not a major departure for Cooper, it’s difficult to see the need for a solo album.

Track List:

1. North of Anywhere
2. Gynn Square
3. Stranded Fleetwood Blues
4. A Net
5. Sandgrown Part 1
6. On A Pier In The Wind
7. Estuary
8. Sandgrown Part 2
9. Memphis, Lancashire


North of Anywhere: 





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