Dublin Theatre Company to Perform in Rome’s Fringe Festival

Dublin Theatre Company to Perform in Rome’s Fringe Festival by Audrey Devereux

Syrius – Rome Fringe Festival – Sept 13th – 15th

A 2012 Youtube clip of a young Syrian woman dressed in a wedding dress at a protest was the inspiration for Rosebuds Theatre new, spellbinding and thought-provoking piece ‘Syrius’, according to the writer/performer of the piece, Romana Testasecca.

Both Testasecca and writer/director Karen Killeen wanted to explore the possible back-story of this woman, and how she may try to flee her country, highlighting the plight of thousands of asylum seekers the world over. Syrius follows the story of ‘Rasha’ as she begins her journey as a political protester in Syria to asylum seeker in Ireland, using sound, props, visuals, movement and words.

Currently in development, the piece as presented at Smock Alley in May was grippingly visceral and deeply moving. The pair intend to work further on the piece with their movement director, Stephanie Dufresne, and recently it was accepted as part of Rome’s Fringe Festival. There it will compete with other shows to stay in the line-up and ultimately to be in the running for an overall prize, a slightly different format to Fringe as compared to here or Edinburgh.

Ultimately, the goal is for Syrius the play to have a life here in Ireland, possibly as a longer piece of theatre than its current 30 min duration. No doubt cutting the play’s teeth at the Rome Fringe will give the company a good idea of how audiences will respond to this timely and topical piece.

The show is running September 13th, 14th and 15th in Rome, click here for further details. 

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