TV Picks of the Week – 14-08-17

TV PICKS OF THE WEEK – 14-08-17 By Lisa Jewell

Get stuck into these top TV choices this week

Documentary – Out of Thin Air: Murder in Iceland

Monday 14 August, 10pm, BBC4

Fascinating documentary from the Storyville programme strand that takes a look at the curious case of two men who went missing several months apart in Iceland in 1974. The disappearances were shocking in the tightly knit community in the country and there were no leads – no bodies, no witnesses and no physical evidence. But when six suspects were arrested and confessed to the crimes, it appeared to finally be an open and shut case.

Fast forward 40 years and new evidence brought into question everything that had happened back in the 1970s and the case was reopened again….

Film – The Lady in the Van

Saturday 19 August, 9pm, BBC2

Quirky film based on the true life story of Miss Shepherd, an eccentric lady who parked her van in writer Alan Bennett’s London driveway and ended up living there for the next 15 years. Expect a sparkling performance from Maggie Smith, who starts alongside Alex Jennings and Gwen Taylor.

Drama – The State

Sunday 20 August, 9pm, Channel 4

You may have spotted a trailer for this drama series which Channel 4 have clearly earmarked as must see TV. The show follows young British men and women who sign up to fight with ISIS in Syria and must first manage to get across the border into the country. Once they accomplish that mission, what lies ahead for them? Is it all that they thought it was going to be when they were visualising it while at home in the UK?




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