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Angel Olsen – Vicar Street – Live Review – 20-05-17

Angel Olsen – Vicar Street – Live Review – 20-05-17

Saturday 20 May 2017  – Angel Olsen – Cork Opera House, Cork
Sunday 21 May 2017  – Angel Olsen – Empire Music Hall, Belfast, UK

There was a definite 50’s style to the performance last night (20-05-17) in Vicar Street. The back wall of the stage was covered in shimmering strips of silver, which caught the lights in the room. With Twin Peaks returning to our screens next week, David Lynch would be proud! Her band arrived first on stage a little after 9pm allowing her to make a dramatic late entrance. They were all dressed in similar suits with white shirts, including the two female members of the band. Angel arrived on stage looking stunning, there was only going to be one queen at this Prom night!

This was a very different vibe to her performance in Whelans in 2014, which was a much more low key affair. She released the album My Woman in 2016 which was very well received, and the album has pushed her on to greater things including the bigger venue. After a short smile to acknowledge the audience she launched into her set.

The band were a six piece on the night, with a wall of guitars, bass, keyboard and drums. With three members of the band playing guitar, it gave them a prominent guitar sound along with Angel’s own sultry voice. The set was mainly comprised of her last album My Woman, with a few of the better known moments from 2014’s Burn Your Fire for No Witness including Unfucktheworld, and one of the highlights ‘Hi-Five’.

She did talk to the audience on a few occasions, telling of her attempts to find a park to jog in, in Dublin city centre and the reaction of the Dubliners to her attempts to jog on the streets. Mainly, it was about the music, and the pauses between songs lasted only moments.

She waited until near the end of the set to play the keyboard beside her, for the song ‘Woman’ complete with the heart wrenching lyrics – ‘Tell me what I wouldn’t do, Tell me that love isn’t true’. The band left the stage to return for a four song encore, and then again for a final rendition of ‘The Waiting’. She has a strong presence on stage, all sly grins and furtive glances. It was an impressive and very enjoyable night from an artist whose following continues to grow!

Support on the night was a rare treat in the form of Tim Darcy, lead singer of Ought, a man that makes skinny jeans look saggy! He recently released a solo album Saturday Night, which shows a different side of his musical style. His short set was solo with just guitar, vocals and a drum machine on one song. It felt quite in keeping with Angel’s set and the two worked very well together.


Heart Shaped Face
Shut Up Kiss Me
Give It Up
High & Wild
Not Gonna Kill You
Those Were the Days

Fly On Your Wall
Never Be Mine
Tiniest Seed

Encore 2:
The Waiting



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