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Charlie Coxedge – Cloisters – Album Review

Charlie Coxedge – Cloisters – Album Review

Released on Bella Union – Friday, May 26th 2017

After the first few moments of the opening track Cloisters, you know you’re in good hands. The gentle, sweeping guitar line is extended and built upon in the eight minute long track, but never really changes. It is a song that causes a moment of pause in an otherwise busy day.

“I’ve always been a bit of a collector of effects pedals, and have used them subtly within MONEY to enhance our sound, both on record and live – making loops, drones etc – but with this solo work I really get to expand on that, and a lot of the  music comes from playing around with different sounds.” – Charlie Coxedge

This is the work of Charlie Coxedge, a musician and writer from Manchester, best known as a member of MONEY. His solo recordings differ from his day job. The tracks contain richly layered instrumental music, which are guitar based but feature synth and piano in the background, to build complicated structures that grow slowly over time. The songs vary dramatically in length, with Pentreath and final song Holly disappearing before they even get started, while ‘Be’ breaks the ten minute mark. For fans of ambient or guitar music, this is an album worth discovering.

Track List:

1. Cloisters
2. Dust
3. Pentreath
4. Corrour
5. Be
6. Holly




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