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Tim Darcy – Saturday Night – Album Review


Tim Darcy – Saturday Night – Album Review

Fri. May 19 – Dublin @ Vicar Street
Sat. May 20 – Cork @ Cork Opera House
Sun. May 21 – Belfast @ Empire Music Hall

Tim Darcy may be familiar to some as the lead singer with the band Ought. So far, they have released two albums with the first album ‘More than Any Other Day’ being a particular highlight. This album was recorded at the same time as Ought’s second album ‘Sun Coming Down’. It was recorded in the storage room of a commercial studio in Toronto with friends, the album name in part referring to when the songs were recorded, at nights and weekends.

It opens with the strummed electric guitar of the single ‘Tall Glass of Water’, which has very little other than vocals, guitar and drums. It’s an abrupt opening, launching you straight into his world. The lyrics are more thoughtful than most and are meant to be inspired by the artistic process, how you cannot control what you are creating.

“if at the end of the river, there is more river, would you dare to swim again?
Yes, surely I will stay, and I am not afraid. I went under once, I’ll go under once again.” – Tall Glass of Water.

The song has several moods, with pauses between the segments. It’s an interesting single with an unusual video to go with it. Next up is part 1 and 2 of Joan, with part 3 lurking as the final track of the album. The song is actually closer to two entirely different tracks, with very distinct moods and tempos, part one being upbeat and two slower and haunted. First Final Days is an instrumental track, which uses guitar, bass and drums to create a sedate and controlled feel. Title single Saturday starts with the phrase, ‘I wish I’d ran away sooner to save time, I wish I’d ran away sooner to uncloud my mind’. It has pounding drum and erratic guitar to create a dream like state.

Darcy was born in Arizona. He later had spells in Colorado and New Hampshire before ending up in Montreal where he met the other members of Ought. He’s an artist that seems to have found where he is meant to be. The sound is quite simple and there’s a consistency throughout, but it’s his lyrics that separate this from being run of the mill. It’s a collection of clean songs, with restrained arrangements and thoughtful lyrics that is enjoyable throughout.

1. Tall Glass of Water
2. Joan Pt 1, 2
3. You Felt Comfort
4. Still Waking Up
5. First Final Days
6. Saturday Night
7. Found My Limit
8. Saint Germain
9. What’d You Release?
10. Beyond Me
11. Joan Pt 3



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