Body&Soul – New Music/ Art Announcements

Body&Soul – New Music/ Art Announcements

June 23 – 25 2017 | Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath |

It’s almost festival season, and if you haven’t made your decisions yet, you’re running out of time! Body&Soul have just announced a few more bands, with the big name being Bonobo, who should go down very well. We reviewed Bonobo’s album Migration back in January here.

“There is much variation in sound on this album. Green seems adept moving between genres, showing his skill in each area. This is also a problem, as many listeners are likely to enjoy some sounds more than others as he moves between styles. The album works best on headphones, as it allows you to be sucked into his world. There is so much going on in each track, with many layers moving in all directions. Simon Green’s career as Bonobo has seen a gradual movement towards mainstream recognition. While this album is unlikely to have any radio hits, his gig in Vicar Street is now sold out, even though many still wouldn’t know who he is. This album will continue his gradual progression and win many new fans.”

The line up which also includes Metronomy and Lambchop should go down very well. Other names we’re quite excited about include Katie Kim and Crash Ensemble, Hundred Waters, The Moonlandingz and also the Jimmy Cake!

There’s also some new theatre, including Fizzy Drinks with Two Straws – which started life in the Theatre Upstairs and we reviewed here, and Will It Fit in the Van which was recently performed in the Complex!

Full Details can be found on the Body&Soul website here.



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