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Emma Pollock / RM Hubbert – Workmans Club – Gig Review – 03-03-17


Emma Pollock / RM Hubbert live at The Workmans Club, Dublin

Dolittle presents Chemikal Underground’s Emma Pollack and RM Hubbert

Friday March 3rd – Review by Killian Laher

Emma Pollock, formerly of the Delgados and RM Hubbert are doing a small tour of Ireland to tie in with Niall McCann’s Lost In France film. The atmosphere at the Workmans Club was relaxed for a Friday night, with assorted chairs and tables spread about the main room. A performance by RM Hubbert is as much about his between song stories as his music and highly accomplished guitar playing. After opening with what might be his signature tune, the flamenco-flavoured Hey There Mr Bone, Hubby gave us an update on his fragile health (he’s on the mend) along with an explanation of the spectrum of c**ts in Scotland! While the core of his work is instrumental, the night saw him singing False Bride, The Dog and a cover of Sebadoh’s Freed Pig. Towards the end of his set Emma Pollock joined him for a fine version Half Light. The set felt emotional, a kind of triumph from a struggler, a profoundly human set of songs.

Emma Pollock accompanied herself on electric guitar to perform selections from her three solo albums. Songs like Intermission and Paper and Glue called to mind a sort of dark, muted version of PJ Harvey. RM Hubbert joined her for Monster In The Pack, where the combination of his guitar playing and her voice provided arguably the highlight of the night. There was still time for surprise, they encored with an Italian folk song Mo ve’la ella Mia da la Muntagna which provided a fitting end to an evening of warm-hearted music performed by talented musicians.


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