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Sex Criminals – Volume 1 & 2 – Review


Sex Criminals – Volume 1 – Review

Written by Matt Fraction and Illustrated by Chip Zdarsky

Sex Criminals is not about sex criminals. Yes, surprisingly enough the world of main stream comics baulked at the idea of writing a regular monthly comic about a collection of people on the sex offenders list! While it may have been a more interesting story to tell, I’m not sure the world is ready. Instead it’s about a group of people who can stop time at the moment of their sexual climax. A bizarre concept, but it tells the tale of two such people, and the others they meet along the way. That is obviously not the criminal part of the story though, the element that is against the law is what they do when time has stopped.


This is an interesting twist on a fairly average sci-fi story. Tales about people with the power to stop time have been told on many occasions from the ‘Twilight Zone’ to ‘the Lost Room’ and ‘Out of this World’. These stories typically contain magic amulets or other devices that have the power and allow individuals the chance to alter the world they live in while rest of humanity is frozen.

The interesting part of the story is actually the other element, which is the sexual awakening of the characters involved. They use the device quite well to tell the tale of a teenager’s first experience of sex and how they slowly realised that they were different from others. The characters involved are all nicely flawed. They are by no means your average super hero and have no idea how to make any real impact on society with their powers, such as they are.

The first volume won the Eisner award for ‘Best new Series’ in 2014 and is certainly unique. It’s difficult to see how they will keep the story growing, as we have met all the characters and seen their back stories in the first two volumes. In truth it is no more difficult than any other series, but the initial shock or gimmick of their powers has gradually reduced. Now the writers have to figure out where to go next. We wait and wonder, but there is something quite addictive about their tale.


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