The Story of Mad Mary – A Date for Mad Mary


Director: Darren Thornton

After a preview screening of ‘A Date for Mad Mary’ last Wednesday night, there was a short Q&A with the director Darren Thornton, who explained how the film came to be. A story that is almost as interesting as the film itself.

It is based on the play Ten Dates with Mad Mary – A romantic comedy (sort of) by Yasmine Akram. This play started life in a small theatre in Drogheda, it was produced by Calipo Theatre Company and was directed by Darren. It later moved to the Project Arts Centre before travelling to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can find Peter Crawley’s review here. The original piece was a monologue but featured similar characters and background. This play was converted by Darren Thornton and his bother Colin for the screen, and the rest is history. It’s a story that must give hope to all young theatre writers and directors out there.

The casting of Mary was key to the film, and there was much discussion on whether Seána Kerslake was suited for the part. The Director was familiar with her work from Dollshouse, where she played a very different character. After a short reading, they changed their minds and thought she was perfect for the complex role! Darren talked of her dedication to the part and even the extent Seána worked on the character’s back story to further understand her.

Interviewer Kris Nelson talked of this film being another addition to the golden age of Irish Cinema, which we have experienced over the last few years, with Brooklyn, Room and others making waves in Ireland and overseas.

A Date for Mad Mary is now open at cinemas nationwide. You can find our review here.




Darren Thornton and Kris Nelson



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