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Ezra Furman – Big Fugitive Life – EP Review


Ezra Furman – Big Fugitive Life – Album Review

Released on 19th August on Bella Union

Ezra returns with another collection of songs. Six in fact, which last just under twenty minutes in total with a few two minute songs contained within. If the album is dead, where does that leave the EP? I guess it’s suffering from the same disease as people slowly move away from a more structured form of listening.

The first track ‘Teddy I’m Ready’ opens with simple electric guitar and vocals before Ezra declares he’s ready to rock and roll, and it all comes to life with a full band, complete with keyboards, sax, drums and backing singers. The song is a bit of a throw back to another era but should work well live.

“Everybody talks sarcastic
Everybody’s in the know
I think I might do something drastic
If they don’t let me go away from it all”

The next four tracks are all short and sharp, with Halley’s Comet a typical gush of guitar and shouty vocals. Little Piece of Trash follows a similar vibe, with more sax and some quirky lyrics. It’s possibly the best song on the EP, despite lasting just over two minutes.

“I’m a little piece of trash,
somebody dropped on the street,
I’m little cigarette,
I’m a wrapper that used to hold something sweet’.

Penetrate breaks the form and is a simple folk ballad for acoustic guitar and whispered vocals. It’s a nice break from the deluge of guitar pop. Splash Of Light is another acoustic track, with the addition of a simple piano line. It has the feel of Beck’s early lo-fi albums. The Refugee starts with more strummed guitar, but builds with violin and some quiet bass. ‘This is the sound of the Jew that refuses to die’ is another lyric that catches your attention.

This is an unusual collection of songs that don’t show the cohesion of some of Ezra’s previous work. As individual songs, they are still very impressive and Ezra always has something to say, with an unusual view of the world. He’s an artist that continues to grow and show is ability in different directions.

Track List –

1. Teddy I’m Ready 04:19
2. Halley’s Comet 02:42
3. Little Piece Of Trash 02:01
4. Penetrate 02:24
5. Splash Of Light 02:00
6. The Refugee 04:28

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