Dive Into Electric Picnic


While Electric Picnic are generally remarkable lucky with the weather, this year you can be guaranteed to get soaked with the addition of swimming at Stradbally Lake. See the full details below…

Electric Picnic – Sept 2nd to 4th (That’s two week away!)

Dive into Electric Picnic @ Stradbally Lake – Submerge yourself in the festival’s all new lakeside swimming area

Pack your swimming costume! Electric Picnic has now opened its ‘lanes’ to festival goers on land and water. The Lake is the perfect setting for Olympic swimmers or arm-band enthusiasts to see a new side to the festival. The new area will be located in the idyllic surroundings of the Stradbally Hall estate. Knock off the cobwebs after the night before and take a refreshing dip in an area surrounded by a copse of ancient oak and ash trees.

To reach The Lake, follow the signposted riverside path leading from the Jimi Hendrix Campsite area daily (see times below). Straight from Rio 2016, Picnic lifeguards will be on duty to watch out for everyone’s safety over the course of the weekend.

Opening times:

Friday: 2pm -5pm FAMILIES ONLY / 5.30pm-7pm ADULTS ONLY
Saturday: 10am-1pm FAMILIES ONLY / 1.30pm-7pm ADULTS ONLY
Sunday: 10am-1pm FAMILIES ONLY / 1.30pm-7pm ADULTS ONLY

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