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M. Craft – Blood Moon – Album Review


M. Craft – Blood Moon – Album Review by Killian Laher

Martin Craft is a composer of Australian origin who records under the name M.Craft. Not exactly a prolific artist, this is his third album under his own name, and first for ten years. Largely piano based, there are little touches here and there, such as the distant pipes on the title track, that lift this above the run of the mill. Chemical Trails glides gloriously by with a chorus of voices forming a seamless part of the overall mix. Impossibly lush, Afterglow just oozes melody while Midnight soars imperiously yet briefly, almost gone too soon.

Morphic Fields takes seemingly disparate elements – twinkling piano, scraping fiddle and ghostly female voices – blending them together into a piece that seems to glide effortlessly. That’s not to say the album is overly esoteric. The presence of vocal tracks and, importantly, melodies makes this an accessible album, albeit one that foregoes percussion in favour of the aural equivalent of being enveloped in a massive hug. An album to immerse yourself in.

Track List –

1. New Horizons
2. Blood Moon
3. Chemical Trails
4. Afterglow
5. Midnight
6. Love Is The Devil
7. Me and My Shadow
8. Morphic Fields
9. Where Go The Dreams
10. Love Is All

Chemical Trails:




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