Interview with Peter Daly – This Lime Tree Bower – Project Arts Centre


We had the chance to interview Peter Daly ahead of the opening of ‘This Lime Tree Bower’ in the Project Arts Centre on Feb 16th. You can see the results below.

Project Arts Centre – Dates: 18 – 27 Feb €18/16

How did you first become involved in theatre? 

After I qualified as an accountant (just at the start of the Celtic Tiger), I left full time work in that area to become an actor. My folks were absolutely delighted….

Was it always your first love?

Is it now? Theatre’s a tough old game. When it works, I’m still madly in love. When it doesn’t…

Conor McPherson has received much acclaim in the last few years. Is that the reason many theatre companies are looking through his back catalogue of plays?

I’m pretty sure he’s been acclaimed since he started writing. He’s just a brilliant writer and he’s never been afraid to scratch under the surface and find the ugly bits.

His work seems to be getting more recognition abroad than in Ireland. Is it good to be bringing it ‘back home’?

It’s just great to be in a play where you get to be these amazing, dark characters. Ray, who I play, has a way with words and a vicious take on most things.

This play was written nearly 20 years ago, in pre-celtic tiger Ireland. Does it feel a very different time?

In some ways it does. But human nature has remained the same.

How did you become involved with this project?

I got a call to go for an audition. I love the play and I was very interested in working with this director and producer, and I love working in Project. So I worked my ass off. And I got the part. I was delighted.

It seems a very strong cast/ crew, have you enjoyed working with them?

I’m loving it. Good gang, great play. Rehearsing in Tiger Dublin Fringe’s FringeLab which always has a great atmosphere. And Eoghan, the director, bought me coffee one day. So yeah, good times.

Do you suffer from nerves on opening night?

I’d be aware that opening night is the one when reviewers are in and there’s a little extra pressure. But I try not to let that get in too much.


THIS LIME TREE BOWER16 February 2016-27 February 2016 8.15pm

Starring: Peter Daly, Stephen Jones, David Fennelly
Directed by Eoghan Carrick
Set and Costumes by Alyson Cummins
Lighting Design by Eoin Winning
Produced by Eoin Kilkenny
Images by Ste Murray


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