Just Here – Bewley’s Café Theatre – Review

Just Here

Just Here – Bewley’s Café Theatre at Powerscourt – Review by Frank L.

Written by Eugene O’Brien

Directed by Charlie Bonner

Performed by Dan Reardon

John lives in a small apartment near Baggot Street. It is part of a development. He has his routine, he walks to Tesco around the corner to shop. He returns taking good care to avoid Ursula Andrews, a busybody neighbour, who lives above him in no.56. She is obsessed with trying to get him involved in “activities”. He is content with his own company in his apartment with his television and stock of films to watch. However his routine has been unhinged by the arrival of a letter with an Australian post mark. He does not normally receive letters. He knows from whom the letter comes but he defers opening it. The presence of the letter in his room, lying unopened, on his coffee table makes him reflect on his past. In particular, he ponders the event which he knows is the reason the letter has been written. The equilibrium of his existence is challenged by its very unopened presence.

Dan Reardon is John and the entire play is performed in the living room of the small apartment which has a window with venetian blinds and a nineteen fifties feel of decoration. It is a calm spot.  Throughout Reardon, with his gentle voice and at times quizzical look, talks as if he was recounting his tale to a friend whom he has not seen for a long while. His diction is clear and there is a sense that he is talking not to an audience but to each person individually as if in a private chat. His reluctance to open the letter is initially difficult to comprehend but gradually he explains his hesitation. He is content with his quiet world as it is. He knows that calm will be disrupted.

Eugene O’Brien has written a fine script and in Dan Reardon he has the ideal actor to perform it. Dan Reardon and the script are in harmony.

Just Here
September 22 – October 10, 2015
Time: 1pm (doors at 12.50pm)

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