Interview with Giles Brody – Mess Around – Workman’s Club – 25-09-15


We had the chance to interview Giles Brody (Irish Pictorial Weekly contributor) ahead of the Mess Around this Friday at the Workman’s club. It’s a new monthly sketch show with some great names including Colin Chadwick, Alison Spittle, Conor O’Toole and Simon Mulholland.

You can see the results below, and remember, no heckling!

THE MESS AROUND – Friday, 25 September – The Vintage Room

The gig at the workman’s club promises to showcase ‘oddball comedy sketches’. Is this a step away from stand up?

It’s not a step away, it’s just a different strand of the same thing. It’s like the difference between a singer-songwriter and a band. Stand-up is one person’s perspective whereas sketch is a hive mind of different ideas. It’s the difference between seeing Justin Bieber and Radiohead. And yes, in this scenario I’m saying that The Mess Around is Radiohead and the majority of Irish comedy is the Biebs.

Will it be improv or will the event be scripted?

We drift between both. Colin Chadwick and I will spend a lot of time working on a scenario and then improvise around the beats of that scene. Sometimes I’ll read out a daft story like the biography of the cats who wrote Kenan & Kel, or Colin will do a silly presentation. We have a cast of very funny folks – Alison Spittle, Conor O’Toole, Simon Mulholland – who have great instincts to help us out of any comedy dead ends.

Will it be a chance for younger comedians to make a name for themselves?

If the comedian is pure of heart and feels like they don’t fit in anywhere else, there’s a home for them at The Mess Around. They also must to be funny and sound but ultimately their acceptance comes down to our audience who can smell insincerity a mile off.

Is performing live a much more exciting prospect that working on TV?

Live performance is more immediate – there’s an audience and you’d better be able to make them laugh. Developing new comedy ideas for Irish TV is very tricky. Working on something established like Irish Pictorial Weekly is a different beast because there’s a huge audience and a big team behind it. Ultimately Barry Murphy has to find whatever you’re sending on funny which adds a certain pressure because he’s one of Earth’s funniest humans.

Do you use your live show as a chance to work out new material?

Yeah, we have a lot of ideas but no clue what’ll work until you’ve tried it out in front of an audience. We take our cues on what works from them. A lot of our more popular bits (Pierce Brosnan with a bucket on his head, The Right Wing Green M & M, The Babadook writing for Fair City) started out as a funny thought that soon evolved over time into more rounded characters. Over time the audience develop a relationship with them and become emotionally invested in the hopes and dreams of human sized racist chocolates and Australian boogey men with soap star aspirations.

Do comedians secretly love hecklers, a chance to say the cruelest thing imaginable?

Comedians secretly love hecklers about as much as professional golfers secretly love out-of-control birds flying into their faces. It’s a selfish interruption born out of wanting attention. Get a grip, birds.


THE MESS AROUND – Friday, 25 September – The Vintage Room

Welcome to The Mess Around! This is a monthly celebration of odd ball sketch comedy, the BEST kind of comedy, if you ask us! Expect weird characters and general anarchy, hosted by comedians Giles Brody (Irish Pictorial Weekly contributor) and Colin Chadwick (BBC New Comedy Award Finalist)

They will be ably assisted by The Mess Around Gang (Alison Spittle, Conor O’Toole and Simon Mulholland) and a cast of characters that include a right-wing M & M, a reformed Babadook and aspiring stand-up Pierce Brosnan, complete with a bucket on his head,

TheMess Around prides itself on being the stupidest night of comedy in Dublin.


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