Tiger Dublin Fringe Preview – Lords of Strut – Contain-a-Rave


The competition for oddest event in the fringe is always a hard fought battle, but the front runner at the moment are the Lords of Strut with their Contain-a-Rave event, which is literally a rave in a shipping container! The mind boggles.

Lords of Strut Bring Raving New Show ‘Contain-a-Rave’ To Dublin’s Fringe

With Contain-A-Rave, Lords of Strut invite you to “step into the psychedelic, in a shipping container, for 30 min of hard town groovin, sweat box, music fuelled, dead beat munch-up!”, where the duo have only one rule – “All ye have to do is dance!” The dress code is “Amazing!” From leg warmers and headbands, to lycra leggings and neon socks, as Sean-tastic says “If you look at a piece of clothing and think ‘That’s amazing!’, then that’s what you wear.”Fame obsessed and socially impaired, Lords of Strut are Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally, playing the characters of Sean-tastic and Famous Seamus. This new show has evolved from the duo’s previous Flash Mob Raves, where they brought dance music to the streets using their mobile DJ sound system… pushed around in a trolley.

Contain-A-Rave premieres at Dublin’s Fringe, 11 – 13 September, in a soon to be announced location.

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