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AERIE – Hatch And Host – Album Review


AERIE – Hatch And Host – Album Review

This is a jazz album created by artists across Europe and led by German and Irish saxophonist Ingo Hipp and Sam Comerford. There is also more Irish talent in the form of drummer Matthew Jacobson, stalwart of the Irish Jazz scene. The remaining members are Laurent Meteau on Guitar (Switzerland) and Peedu Kass on Bass (Estonia). A proper European collaboration that would make those in Brussels proud of their efforts! The band formed at the IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz) in the summer of 2012 in Graz.

The 8 songs featured on this collaboration all have saxophone at the core, which is unusual for a start. It is a much maligned instrument still suffering from the damage done in the 80s. The twin saxophone arrangement is rare to say the least, but in the hands of Ingo and Sam, they vary between battles for supremacy and flights in unison. The guitar, bass and drums fill out the sound and form the canvas for them to express themselves on. There are a number of songs where the saxophone is quiet, allowing the other members of the group to step forward. ‘Whatever…’ is largely a guitar piece with only a few brief skirmishes from the brass section, with ‘Viper’ having a similar approach.

This is first and foremost a jazz album, so a large portion of the listening public will roll their eyes and find something more palatable. It is immediately of keen interest to some and for the vast majority just another one to ignore. The songs vary in length and structure, and there is a wildness contained in them that is always entertaining. A freedom that they can head in any direction and vary in speed or form. You could imagine an impressive live performance, and in truth this is where jazz is best, in a small club at the dead of the night. This is a bright and fast moving album that has many surprises along the way.

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Ingo Hipp – Sax – Germany/Switzerland
… plays sax in Laurent Méteau’s Metabolsim and has been composing, touring and recording with his own band AERIE for 3 years.

Sam Comerford – Sax – Ireland
… represented Ireland in the European Saxophone Ensemble and currently lives in Brussels.

Laurent Meteau – Guitar – Switzerland
… is the bandleader of Laurent Méteau´s Metabolism, a well-known Swiss Band (Suisse Diagonales)

Peedu Kass – Bass – Estonia
…is one of the most in-demand bassists on the Nordic Jazz scene and also leads is own group Peedu Kass’ Momentum.

Matthew Jacobson – Drums – Ireland
…is a member of faculty at Newpark Music Centre, Dublin and has also released two albums to critical acclaim with his own quartet ReDiviDeR. He has also spent time living in NY

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