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Join Me In The Pines – Inherit – Album Review

Join me in the Pines

Dave Geraghty has a couple of solo albums already, as well as his work with Bell X1. This new album and new name is an attempt to do something different. A clean start under a new name and it’s a quite enjoyable one. This is a stripped down affair with acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies to the fore. It’s an album that doesn’t demand attention with epic guitar solos, but draws you in with other allures.

While it is different from Bell X1, it is not radically different. There are no electronics or drum machines, it stays within the same realm. This album was always in danger of being treated like a side project and in truth that is what it is. I can’t see him giving up on Bell X1 anytime soon, as they continue to play large venues and festivals around the country. As a pleasure project, this must be the type of music he enjoys most, a chance to do exactly what he pleases and express himself without the normal pressure or weight of expectation. Most bands fear their album disappearing into oblivion, but this album was always going to get a certain amount of attention. This is a double edged sword though, as even Bell X1 fans could treat it lightly.

The sound is based on a variety of string instruments, and not always guitar, with mandolins, banjos and occasionally piano. Geraghty has a good singing voice, but never pushes it and keeps his range quite small. The album is at its best when it keeps it slow and simple and it generally does just that.



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