According To His Need – New Theatre – Review

according to his need

According To His Need – New Theatre – until Nov 1st.

Nick is a young man that has struggled to get the attention of the opposite sex. After a few attempts to chat women up in pubs ended in near disaster he sets about a different approach. He thinks he needs a hobby, something to make him seem complex and fascinating. He decides to take an interest in politics and that is where he meets Cass. She is a true believer, she loves politics and lives and breathes her left wing ethos. She sees a glimmer of radicalism in Nick, which she sets about to nurture while all Nick wants to nurture is his love life!

This is a quick witted play that deals with the romance between the two protagonists. They are very different people in views and physical appearance, but this adds to the comedic effect of piece. We are quickly introduced to the two and see the world from their perspectives. There is frequent use of soliloquies from the characters, as the house lights go up and the actors talk directly to the audience.  There is a stand up comedy feel to it, as each reveals their views on the other with sharply written dialogue.

At only forty five minutes long, this is a short, sharp burst of theatre. It does not bother with sub plots and sticks to the main concept, that love can draw two very different people together and change each of them. The writing is impressive and writer Oliver Eagleton must know his Marxist theory to be able to bounce ideas around as nicely as he does. It starts slow, but builds well and has a subtle and sweet finale.

Written by Oliver Eagleton

Directed by Nora Kelly Lester

Starring Michael-David McKernan and Hannah Tucker Mamalis
The New Theatre

October 20th – November 1st at 7:30pm

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