Hear me sing your song/ with raised Arms – Project Arts Centre – Review


Hear Me Sing Your Song/with Raised Arms – Review by Frances Winston

Project Arts Centre, 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

July 9th – 12th @ 8pm nightly

Tickets: €12/10

Created by dancer/choreographer Live O’Donoghue this double bill can only be described as an experience. As the audience enters a lone dancer is frantically throwing herself around an almost completely empty space. She is soon joined by a man who is confused as to what is going on. Realising that she needs to dance he starts to build a stage for her and ensures that she has music all the while pondering what is actually happening as she effortlessly movies through some complex sequences. However, the somewhat relaxed tone of this piece is quickly replaced by a more sinister subtext when he decides to dress her and begins to engage with the movement in a visceral and slightly violent way. This reaches a climax when the audience are told in no uncertain terms “you have to leave now”.

If you are one of those people who gets a shiver down your spine when you hear the words contemporary dance this could well be the show to change your perception of the art. Haunting and thought provoking O’Donoghue is a truly engaging performer. The pieces don’t outstay their welcome – the whole show comes in at just about 35minutes – but they do leave you wanting more. The scores for both pieces are hugely compelling and really add to the tense atmosphere that is created and the subtle lighting is stark but effective.

You don’t need to understand dance to enjoy this shows as it connects with an audience on a really primal level. Don’t question its message. Just enjoy it and take away whatever you yourself garner from it.

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